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"Quit Wasting Money on Having Your Cover Graphics Created! You will be Creating Unlimited
High Definition Cover Graphics in just 5 Minutes from Now...."

These professional Photoshop action scripts allow you to design and create beautiful product cover graphics over and over again.

With 50 different designs to choose from it doesn't matter what you're selling online, its going to look beautiful. These actions are all done in 300dpi (print quality) resolution which means that they're going to look perfect no matter how big or small your graphic needs are.

With 3D Action Scripts not only do you get the absolute highest quality in each design but they were also specificly created to make it as easy as possible for ANYONE to make professional cover graphics in just minutes.

No other ecover software even comes close to matching the photo-realistic quality you get with these 50 3d Photoshop cover actions.

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Works with Adobe® Photoshop® 7.0, 8.0, CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4!

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Sell more due to the increased perceived value having high quality covers will give to your products!
3d photoshop actions
Get higher conversions from your sales page using professional quality graphics. Stop losing money from cheap, low quality cover graphics.
ebook cover
Earn more money! Having high quaility graphics converts prospects into buyers FAST!
software box cover action
Stop wasting your time waiting on outsourced graphics. Now you'll easily be able to create stunning 3d covers at will!
ebook software
No more throwing money away on outsourcing your graphics! Plus you know they'll be good because you're in complete control!
ebook cover software
Get you products noticed! Giving a good first impression is one of the most important factors when selling online. Nothing Grabs a visitors attention better than a high quality cover graphic!
cover actions
Easily re-package any PLR product in just minutes! No need to wait for new graphics or be stuck with the same graphics everyone else is using.

Take a look at just some of the covers you'll be able to create!

Soft Ebook Coverssoft cover ebooks 3d covers

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Hard Ebook Covers
hard cover ebook cover actions

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3D Software Boxes
3d software box

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Spiral Notebook Covers
spiral notebook binder cover actoin

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CD Covers
cd cover photoshop action

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DVD Covers
3d dvd cover photoshop action

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Membership Cards
membership cards photoshop cover action

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Miscellaneous Cover Actions
3d product covers


How much would it be worth.....

Imagine never having to pay for cover graphics again; better yet... Having them completed in a mere fraction of the time it would take to hire someone else to make them for you. In fact with 3D Action Scripts you'll be making an unlimited amount of cover graphics any time you want for less than what it would cost you to have one created for you.

With 3D Action Scripts not only do you get the absolute highest quality in each design but they were also specifically created to make it as easy as possible for ANYONE to make professional cover graphics in just minutes.

Do you sell online?
These actions are a dream for anyone selling digital products online.
People love to be able to see what they're getting before buying. Now, with these actions you can easily show them an image of what you're software, e-book, MP3, or any thing else will look like. Your conversions and sales will go through the roof!

Are you a Graphic Designer?
Add these tools to your software arsenal and easily impress any client or employer with top level professional cover graphics. You could litterally make a living just creating covers!

The possibilities are endless! You can even mix and match the seperate designs to create whole product bundles! What better way to create value than to be able to display your entire package of products!

You can get the full 3D Photoshop Cover Actions Package
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To completely wipe out any and all doubts
you may have, we've decided to back this up with my...

3d cover actions guaranteed

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But that's not all!

When you Order Today, you will also Receive
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ebook template covers

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Over 2,000 Custom Graphics!
Use these graphics for any project you're working on in photoshop. These are great for websites, sales pages, ebay listings or anything else.

You get full use rights to these no-restrictions (royalty free) images.

Full .psd's & Transparent Backgrounds Included



Exclusive Bonus #3

3d actions updates


You will also get FREE Updates with your order! When I release new Photoshop Actions in the future, you will get them at no addional cost!



To Claim your copy, simply click the "add to cart" button below. You will be sent to a secure purchase page and will then have IMMEDIATE and INSTANT access to the entire cover software package. Since this is a Digital Product, there will be NO SHIPPING and you'll be able to download them right away!




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These are the exact same Photoshop Cover Actions that have already been used by hundreds of business owners and graphic designers to create stunningly beautiful covers for all their products.

Since this is a digital download, you'll have full instant access to all of these High Quality Photoshop Cover Actions in the next few minutes.

You can try these product cover actions for a full 60 days and request a full refund if you're not satisfied with the software...

3d cover software

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